Ghanaian Professor Says Christian-Muslim Conflict is Foreign War that Must Not be Tolerated

Reverend Dr. Nathan Iddrisu Samwini, Head of the Department of Religious Studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has stated that Christian-Muslim conflict in Ghana is a foreign war and must not be tolerated.

“We have our own problems and must not fight Arab and American wars here in Ghana; let them have their problems; and let us worry about our own problems and not engage ourselves in fighting foreign wars”, he noted.

Rev. Dr. Samwini who stated this at the inauguration of the Wa Christian-Muslim Relations and Dialogue Committee in Wa pointed out that neither Islam nor Christianity alone could bring peace to the world.

“Let no one think that one day he/she will wake up to find the end of Christianity or Islam”, he said and noted that if you could not do away with something, the best way is to make it a friend.

The Head of the Department of Religious Studies at KNUST said it was the reason for constant dialogue between Christians and Muslims in order to fashion out strategies to promote peaceful co-existence amongst each other.

Rev. Dr. Samwini therefore commended the initiators of the Wa Christian-Muslim Relations and Dialogue Committee for a good job, saying he saw it as an accomplishment of a course he had been fighting for years.

He charged the committee members to demonstrate high sense of commitment in order to accomplish the purpose for which the committee was   formed.

Fr. Aloysius Nuolabong, Coordinator, Christian-Muslim Dialogue said Muslims formed 17.6 per cent of Ghana’s population while Christians formed 71.2 per cent.

He said some of the challenges confronting the two major religions included inter marriage; political preaching inside the church, mosque, on television and radio; and students forced to learn other religions in school against their parents’ wish among many others.

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SOURCE: Prosper K. Kuorsoh
Ghana News Agency