Amid Tragedy, Remember That Jesus Wept

This year has had no shortage of tragedy. We have born witness to natural and man-made disasters, disasters formed in the ocean and disasters formed in the sinful hearts of men. Disasters that have destroyed property and disasters that have destroyed lives. Disasters that have stirred at least a semblance of unity and disasters that have brought out the already present division among us.

Given the recent pace at which all these things have taken place, we have been living in constant “response” mode, because just when something tragic happens and runs a few days in the news cycle, there is another disaster to take its place.

It seems, at least to me, that we are living in a period where the foundations are shaking and, in some cases, cracking. So how does one respond to this? How does a Christian respond to these tragedies?

When the foundations shake, we can return to what is true regardless of circumstances. We can know, for example, that the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. We can know that Jesus is still the authoritative ruler of heaven and earth. And we can know that God, even now, is still working all things for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

We know these things. But let’s be careful how we wield our theological truths.

In a culture when news is made and reported at a breakneck speed, all of us seem to feel this overwhelming compulsion to respond.

Respond, respond, respond. Post, post, post.

Now as Christians, we do have all kinds of things we might say in the midst of tragedy. Many of these responses are actually true. But in our constant need to respond, it might profit us to ask ourselves what our motivation is.

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Source: Baptist Press