British Prime Minister Theresa May Vows to Fight Inequality that Hinders Progress of Blacks and Asians

The unemployment rate for black and Asian people is almost double what it is for white people, research published by the Prime Minister shows.

And two in three white British householders own their own home, while the figure for other ethnic groups is just two in five people.

Prime Minister Theresa May will next week launch the results of a detailed study into how people of different backgrounds are treated across areas including health, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

And she spoke about the findings as the Conservatives continued their annual conference in Manchester.

Ending unfairness will be a theme of her speech to the conference on Wednesday.

Initial findings from the “Race Disparity Audit” show that the unemployment rate for black, Asian and other ethnic minority (BAME) people of working age is 8%, nearly double the 4.6% rate for white British groups.

Employment rates overall are far higher for white people, at 75.7%, than BAME groups, where the figure is 63.9%.

But the picture is more complex than simply showing white people enjoying the most privilege.

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