Spanish PM Rajoy Defends Police Actions in Catalonia

The Spanish government says Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, in meetings with political opponents, has defended the police performance on Sunday when hundreds were injured in the crackdown on a banned referendum on Catalonia’s independence.

The main opposition leader, the Socialist Pedro Sanchez, has criticized the violence that left more than 1,300 hurt, most of them civilians.

The business-friendly Ciudadanos (Citizens) party leader Albert Rivera also met with Rajoy on Monday as the prime minister looks for consensus on how to proceed with the crisis.

A statement by the government said that Rajoy also held talks with top leaders of the European Union and with French president Emmanuel Macron to explain “the failure” of the vote attempt by the Catalan separatist government.

Rajoy told them that “the government’s determination to halt the illegal referendum contributes to keeping the stability and democracy in the whole European Union.”

Source: Associated Press