4-Year-Old Tampa Girl Dies From Gunshot Wound After Reaching for Candy In her Grandmother’s Purse

Courtesy: Tampa Bay Times

A 4-year-old girl in Tampa was killed when she reached into her grandmother’s purse looking for candy and instead found a gun, according to her family. Yanelly Zoller pulled the trigger on the weapon and shot herself in the chest by accident, her father, Shane Zoller, 22, said. “She just wanted some damn candy,” Zoller told the Tampa Bay Times. Police say the case is still under investigation but that they have no reason to doubt the family’s story. “She loved to help daddy work on the car,” he said. “She would hand me tools. But she also really liked doing her makeup.” The family’s obituary noted that Yanelly also enjoyed playing with her puppy, jumping on the couch, and watching cartoons.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast