Sarah Jakes Roberts Reveals she Worked as a Waitress In a Strip Club In Instagram Post Encouraging People to ‘Listen’ to God’s Voice

Photo Credit: Instagram

For those who may have buried pain and are tired of the road they’re on, Sarah Jakes Roberts gives simple advice: start listening to God’s voice.

In a recent Instagram post, the daughter of mega-pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes got candid about her days working in a strip club and how she finally learned to yield to her Heavenly Father’s directions.

“I can remember the first day I walked into the dark club. I needed a way to make cash fast and heard the tips were great,” wrote the author of Don’t Settle for Safe: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppableone of Empowering Everyday Women’s must-read books for summer.

In her youthful waywardness, the twenty-something said, “I served the food and drinks as men sat back to be entertained by women exposing everything, but their soul.”

Though the wife of Touré Roberts, leader of One Church LA, a flourishing ministry the power couple leads jointly, never mounted a pole or exposed her own goodies in that setting, the experience, which lasted a couple months, impacted her.

“I wondered how much silent pain was floating in that room,” she recalled. “Although my journey would take me out of that club the darkness followed me from receptionist to administrative assistant to office manager and so on and so on.”

After being around women exploiting their bodies and becoming aware of her inner restlessness and discontentment, the preacher’s daughter who became a mother at 14, had an epiphany. “One day it clicked and I decided I wanted to be genuinely happy, not waiting for the next time I could be temporarily satisfied,” she reflected.

So, how did she achieve that goal? What changed in her life that turned it all around?

“It was a decision to stop ignoring the voice on the inside,” Jakes Roberts said, referencing the voice of the Holy Spirit. “I always thought hearing from God would make everything in my world stand still and all of my attention would be on Him. I didn’t realize that it would take me silencing all my doubt, fears, insecurities, and excuses.”

Though the sought-after speaker, who travels globally, ministering to youth and women, grew up in a household with Godly parents who instructed her in the ways of righteousness, really getting to know God for herself proved to be a steep learning curve.

Over time, however, Jakes Roberts had a moment of realization.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News – Alissa McDonald