LISTEN: Roland Martin Talks to Vanessa K. De Luca and Melanie Campbell on Why Black Women Stopped Supporting Democrats

There’s been an 11-point drop of Black female support for the Democratic Party and Roland Martin wants to know why.

ESSENCE’s editor Vanessa K. De Luca and the president of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Melanie Campbell have joined forces over the last three years to take a poll from Black women on which party they prefer.

De Luca explained, “every year we ask black women who have your best interest. What was different about the poll this year was an 11% drop for black woman overall who don’t see the Democratic party having their interest at heart.” She added, “This is a multigenerational poll. We’re talking across the board of people feeling disenfranchised by the democratic party.”

Campbell jumped in saying, “this is not a new conversation. It not just about hiring black women to work in the democratic party. You have to engage your loyal base on every level of leadership. It’s across the board. Local to national. If they don’t change support will continue to drop.”

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Source: BAW | Roland Martin