LISTEN: Asia Bibi nominated for EU religious freedom prize (International Christian Herald, 09/18/17)

International Christian Herald Roundup (09/18/17). Here’s what’s happening in Christendom.

CP: Two pastors from Kernal, India, will face blasphemy charges in court this November and could be sentenced to prison after they were accused nearly three years ago of destroying sacred Hindu objects, charges that the men have vehemently denied. The British Asian Christian Association is raising awareness for the cases of Pastor Sanjay and Pastor Bajinder. The men are accused of trying to convert Hindus to Christianity and of destroying Hindu idols and burning pictures of Hindu gods.

CP: Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian mother of five who has spent seven years on death row due to blasphemy charges, has been nominated for a prestigious European Union religious freedom prize. Dutch Europarliamentarian Peter van Dalen said, “Her case is a symbol for others hurt in their freedom of expression and especially freedom of religion It is good that my colleagues and I continue to defend the rights of Bibi and many others.” Bibi is now in the running for the $59,500 award that comes with the Sakharov Prize. The ceremony will be held on Dec. 10 in Strasbourg, France.

CP: Catholics bishops in India have written an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, warning him of an apparently organized campaign against the Christian minority in an eastern state which is governed by Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. The letter carries a picture showing Hindu nationalists burning an effigy of a cardinal with a large wooden cross. The letter by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India expressed concerns over “spiraling hatred” being spread by the leader of the party. The letter warns that if the ongoing hate campaign was “not controlled immediately,” a social calamity could erupt.

CP: Apologist and author Nabeel Qureshi, who said last week that doctors believed his body had entered the “final stages of life,” died Saturday at the age of 34. He was a Christian convert from Islam and served with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries until he was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer last August. Zacharias tweeted, “Nabeel Qureshi, your eyes will now see and your hands will now touch that which is the only Real estate.” Qureshi is survived by his wife, Michelle, and a daughter, Ayah.

AFP: Five football players at a private Christian college have been charged in connection with a hazing incident that allegedly included anti-Muslim taunts and left a student half-naked on a baseball field in the middle of the night with injuries requiring surgeries. The football players at Wheaton College, located in a Chicago suburb, were charged with aggravated battery, unlawful restraint and mob action.

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