Emmys Criticized for Leaving Charlie Murphy and Dick Gregory Out of “In Memoriam” Segment

One of the biggest gaffes of last night’s Emmy Awards was that Charlie Murphy and Dick Gregory were left out of the show’s In Memoriam segment. Twitter has had it’s say about the careless omission and now Murphy’s rep is lashing out at at the show’s producers for the blunder.

Domenick Nati, a publicist who repped Murphy until his tragic death earlier this year, said the incident could have been completely avoided.

Nati tells TMZ an Emmys producer reached out to him on August 18 asking for photos to include as part of the show’s In Memoriam. He obliged and said the producer emailed him again six days later, saying they could do a nice tribute with what he’d sent.

So, when the tribute finally aired Sunday on national television — with no Charlie in sight — Domenick was understandably outraged. Comedy icon Gregory, Frank Vincent and actor Harry Dean Stanton were also left out.

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