Chicago Bears’ Sam Acho Says, ‘A Bunch of Guys in the NFL Need Jesus; I Want to be a Light to Them’

Sam Acho is praying to be more than just the best linebacker in the NFL, but someone who can help be a light for Jesus Christ in the league.

In a Chicago Sun Times report, the 29-year-old Chicago Bears Outside linebacker, spoke about his desire to share the Gospel with his teammates.

“I’ve always thought, man, I’d love to … share the Gospel with my teammates. I want to be a light to my teammates,” Acho said. “There’s a bunch of guys in the NFL that need Jesus. We all need Him.”

“Let me get to the people that may never hear, and let me be a light to them.”

As the son of a preacher, Acho said faith is a large part of his life. He detailed having day-to-day conversations with God in the same way he would a close friend.

“My faith is a part of who I am. There are so many times I have conversations with God throughout the day like moment by moment, minute by minute,” He said before reenacting a conversation he would have with God. “It’s like, ‘all right Lord, I need some guidance, I need some direction, what do you think about this?’ I almost talk to Him like He’s one of my friends.”

While Acho said the Holy Spirit is guiding him, he admitted the “question is, am I going to listen?”

After seven seasons in the NFL, Acho has not been without injury. In 2013, he suffered a broken ankle but acknowledged that things could have been worse in the high contact sport.

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SOURCE: Christine Thomasos
Christian Post