WATCH: CNN Talks to Black Trump Supporter and Founder of Black Conservative Federation, Diante Johnson

Diante Johnson
Diante Johnson

I am reasonably certain that nobody forces on-air talent at CNN to swear an oath of loyalty to the anti-Trump narrative. Why bother? In the universe of “television journalists,” divergence from the approved prejudices is so rare outside of certain hours on Fox that it would be wholly unnecessary.

One element of that dogma is that blacks must be anti-Trump. They are not expected to utilize their own judgment.  So, when a reporter encountered Diante Johnson, founder and CEO of the Black Conservative Federation, at the pro-Trump “Mother of all Rallies,” he may not have been expecting as articulate a response as he got. The two minutes of video embedded below will repay your investment of time handsomely.

Let’s face it: Black conservatives are some the bravest and smartest people active in politics today. They drive the left nuts, causing cognitive dissonance due to their refusal to adhere to racist narrative that insists all blacks must think alike.

Their day will come.

SOURCE: Thomas Lifson 
American Thinker