WATCH: Pastor Jamal Bryant Discusses his Dropped Stalking Case, ‘Being Messy,’ and Redemption in Interview with The Root

Pastor Jamal Bryant told The Root in an exclusive interview that a Bronx, N.Y., judge dismissed a case Thursday in which a New York City woman accused him of online stalking. Media outlet Rolling Out reported this summer that Jennifer Wright filed a restraining order against Bryant after alleging that he stalked her online.

Wright claimed that he wiretapped her phone and sent people to stalk her, according to a court document obtained by the Christian Post. Under a gag order, Bryant said that he was unable to speak about the charges until now and wants to set the record straight on the allegations and how they impacted his life.

In the video below, he also updates us on his girlfriend Tweet’s health (she’s out of the hospital and will be performing in Washington, D.C., next week), and what redemption means for him and the rest of us.

SOURCE: The Root – Terrell Jermaine Starr