WATCH: Pastor A.R. Bernard Talks to Oprah About Modern Men, Powerful Women, Social Media, and Making Faith Relevant

Women have made major strides in all facets of American society over the years, creating opportunities and amassing wealth and influence along the way. Pastor A.R. Bernard believes that women’s new and growing power is intimidating to many men, has led to friction between the sexes and has caused men to re-examine masculinity, a topic he covers in his book Four Things Women Want from a Man.

“I wrote the book because I wanted to give women, number one, a framework with which to make better decisions,” Pastor Bernard tells Oprah during their SuperSoul Sunday conversation, “and I want to give men a standard for manhood that they can measure up to.”

Here, Pastor Bernard expands on men’s role in today’s society, and talks about how men should be encouraged to develop a new standard of manhood that celebrates female accomplishment rather than being intimidated by it.

Pastor A.R Bernard, author of Four Things Women Want from a Man, believes that at the heart of every crisis, there is an unresolved identity crisis. Although he believes that all humans will experience some form of identity crisis, the rise of social media has only exacerbated the problem.

During his SuperSoul Sunday conversation with Oprah, the pastor explains that although social media has many positive benefits, the ability to create new identities on a whim is “problematic” and at odds with finding one’s true place as an individual.

Pastor Bernard believes that looking to a higher power for guidance is the answer for those looking to connect with their true selves. “Until we reconnect with God and discover that identity in God, we will continue to look to become someone other than who we’ve truly been made to be,” he says.

Pastor A.R. Bernard founded the Christian Cultural Center, New York City’s largest church, nearly four decades ago with the mission to make faith relevant. Nearly 40,000 members later, that mission is still at the core of the church, and at the heart of Pastor Bernard’s work.

To make faith relevant, it is Pastor Bernard’s belief that members of the congregation need to leave service with valuable information that they can apply to their daily lives. He also believes that teachings have to be socially applicable, and that, in order to work, they must “help you make sense of the world around you.”

In his SuperSoul Sunday conversation with Oprah, Pastor Bernard expands on what it means to make faith practical for all, defining spirituality as “our human capacity to know and experience God.”

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