President Trump Lands in Florida After State Was Hit Hard by Hurricane Irma

President Donald Trump flew to hurricane-devastated Florida to view recovery efforts, meet with residents who had their lives upended by the latest storm, and give a political plug to the state’s GOP governor, Rick Scott.

‘This is a state that I know very well as you understand,’ the president said after meeting with Floridians in Naples. ‘These are special, special people and we love ’em.’

‘We love these people – we’re going to be back, and we’re going to help them,’ Trump said.

The president handed out sandwiches to people who lined up in Naples to get a meal and perhaps shake hands and get a selfie with Trump.

He reassured locals: ‘We are there for you 100 percent.’

The president lined up next to Vice President Mike Pence and began handing out hoagies.

He wore rubber gloves at first, but when people were eager to get more than a sandwich, he ended up shaking hands with the gloves on.

When he first put them on, the president complained: ‘They’re too small,’ as his right glove ripped along the thumb.

All the while, he made small talk with residents who appeared happy for the relief.

‘Don’t forget to take one!’ the urged one visitor. ‘Here’s a nice one!’ he said, pointing to a sandwich. He also offered a banana from a table of refreshments.

‘There’s Melania, she’s gorgeous!’ one woman remarked upon seeing the first lady, who like her husband wore a baseball cap.

‘You a workout guy?’ the president told one muscular man:. ‘Keep it up,’ the president urged.

He asked a woman with a dog, ”Are you a biker?’ Then he said: ‘The bikers love us,’ he said, slapping her on the shoulder.

Trump viewed block after block of flooded homes from the air as Marine One flew low over areas around Naples. He stood next to Vice President Mike Pence to shake hands with locals and hand out sandwiches and other food at a trailer park area.

Me met with first responders, and as he did on visits to Texas, hailed first responders and local politicians for their efforts. The president, who wore rubber gloves, smiled and people who wanted selfies.

Almost as soon as he landed, the president gave a political endorsement to Republican Governor Rick Scott, saying he needed to run for the U.S. Senate.

Trump talked up the term-limited governor, saying he had done an ‘incredible’ job coordinating relief efforts. Scott has been a fixture on cable television, warning Floridians to get out of the state in advance of Hurricane Irma sporting a Navy hat.

‘The job he’s done is incredible,’ said Trump, before hailing the power company and state attorney general Pam Bondi, a political supporter during his own campaign.

‘I hope he runs for Senate,’ the president said at the end of his brief remarks in Ft. Myers.

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