Judge Judy Talks About Her Three Marriages & Two Husbands


Judge Judy Sheindlin’s rulings are not always final it seems, especially when it comes to her love life.

The 74-year-old jurist-turned-television star is speaking out about her personal life in a rare interview, revealing that she divorced her first husband over his disregard for her career and got rid of her second husband when she grew tired of catering to his demands.

That second divorce was a brief one however, with Shiendlin making the decision to remarry husband number two after just one year apart.

Twenty-seven years later, she and second husband Jerry are still going strong.

‘I missed him, I missed him and I really found out – this is not to denigrate your species – actually, most men are alike,’ says Shiendlin of her split from Jerry on the premiere of the Fox News show OBJECTified,’ which airs at 8pm this Sunday.

She then jokes that while all men may be alike, Jerry was a bit different than other males his age, saying: ‘Mine had hair! ‘

Sheindlin married her husband Jerry back in 1977 while working as a prosecutor in the family court system.

Over the next 13 years the couple rose up the ranks in the legal system, with Jerry taking a post on the New York Supreme Court and Sheindlin being appointed as a family court judge by Mayor Ed Koch.

Things took a turn though in 1990, leading to the couple’s divorce after 14 years.

It was a brief separation however, which came soon after Sheindlin lost her father, but in the end she says she learned some valuable lessons.

‘I just had to come to terms with the fact that men of that generation are different,’ explains Sheindlin.

‘They expect, even if they have no right, they expect to be taken care of or catered to.’

Things were even more difficult for Sheindlin after her first marriage back in 1964 to attorney Ronald Levy.

She had just graduated and was soon to pass the bar exam, but her life as an attorney on hold to be a housewife.

‘It was time for me to get married. I was 20, almost 21. So I became a mom,’ says Sheindlin of her thinking at the time, going on to say that she soon grew bored.

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Source: Daily Mail