Grenfell Tower Fire Survivors Say Dozens of People Were Told to Await Rescue on Top Floor, But All Died

A hero son who carried his disabled mother from the top floor of Grenfell Tower claims dozens of people were told to stay put believing a helicopter would rescue them.

Farhad Neda, 24, and his 55-year-old mum Flora, were the only survivors from the 23rd floor who fled the blaze of the West London block on June 14.

Engineering graduate Farhad battled through the choking fumes in pitch dark carrying frail housewife Flora on his back down the stairs.

Recalling their escape, the pair said many residents came to their floor claiming they had been told to do so by firefighters to prepare for a helicopter rescue.

Mum Flora told Channel 4: “35 or 40 people came up and they said the fire brigade told us you have to go up and we send for you helicopter rescue.

“One of the Iranian ladies (who took refuge in her flat) spoke to her (own) son who said that he wanted to come take her away.

“She replied that this was not necessary as the helicopter was coming to take them away.”

Her son Farhad added: “I don’t think anyone was instructed to seek help from the helicopters. There were helicopters up. I’m not sure how many. There was definitely more than one.”

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Source: The Sun