WATCH: Pastor E. Dewey Smith says the Catastrophic Events Happening Today Are a Result of People Not Being “Good Stewards” of God’s Earth

As it is evident to any human on earth, current events are breaking records from the past seemingly almost weekly! In most news reports now the common statement is, “never seen before”. Many are wondering, praying, and pondering as to, “what is going on in the world”. This past Sunday at House of Hope Atlanta, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. addressed head on all of the catastrophic events we are witnessing and hearing!

As of 4:40pm EST, Hurricane Irma had reached 142 mph and the eye of the storm had yet to hit land! People are in shelters, homes are being destroyed, cities and islands wreaked havoc from this hurricane, tornadoes, and reports of others to come! The world needs a Word from the leaders in the body of Christ! Check out some of clips below from Dr. E. Dewey Smith’s message:

SOURCE: Joy150 – Raquel Jayson