Tim Tebow Volunteers at Florida Special Needs Shelter After Hurricane Irma, Urges People to Trust in God

Tim Tebow is honoring his Florida roots by volunteering at a special needs shelter after Hurricane Irma swept through much of his home state.

The hurricane slammed Florida this past weekend, and the University of Florida college football star who is now a St. Lucie Mets outfielder was on hand to help out in his hometown of Jacksonville. Known for his philanthropic efforts, Tebow posted a Twitter video of himself spending time with a WW II veteran at a special needs shelter.

“Totally uplifted by this #ww2 veteran, whose spirit and talents encouraged his fellow visitors at this Special Needs Shelter! #irma,” the 30-year-old wrote.

Before the storm began, Tebow also utilized social media in an attempt to recruit volunteers for those who would need help during recovery efforts. When Florida Governor Rick Scott asked the state’s nurses to come forth, Tebow used his platform to help spread the message.

“FL, let’s help bring Faith, Hope & Love to those taking refuge in our Florida Special-Needs-Shelters! #HelpMakeADifference,” Tebow tweeted.

Tebow empathized with those who have been impacted by the hurricane and encouraged his 4 million Twitter followers with prayer.

“What’s up Jacksonville and the state of Florida? I know there’s a lot of people hurting right now but the awesome thing is we’re gonna rally together and try to help everybody,” Tebow said in another Twitter video. “We’re praying for you.”

Tebow said the storm hit close to home for him after a tree fell through his friend and neighbor’s house. Still, he reminded people that God has a plan during tough times.

“Just here at one of my neighbor’s and friend’s house. He has a tree going through his house. So I know it’s a tough time for so many people,” he said. “Just know we’re praying for you. God’s got a plan in everything, so keep trusting Him.”

SOURCE: The Christian Post – Christine Thomasos