Sydney Aquarium to Release Baby Great White Shark Into the Ocean After It Washed Up on Beach

It looks incongruous at first glance: a great white shark swims in a pool as relaxed-appearing sunbathers watch on.

The unusual scene was part of a rescue effort for the 1.5m (3ft) juvenile shark, after it was earlier spotted stranded on a Sydney beach.

The shark was helped by marine experts who gave it sanctuary in an ocean pool. The pool was then shut to swimmers.

It was later taken to an aquarium and nicknamed “Fluffy” by staff, who plan to release it back into the sea.

On Monday, locals at Sydney’s Manly Beach watched as the shark was transported to the pool on a stretcher.

“Five people were swimming in the pool at the time and they hopped out very quickly,” one witness, Alex Martiniuk, told the BBC.

“The guys needed to work fairly quickly and lifted the shark into the pool and down the steps.”

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