Brawl Breaks Out Between Two White Women in Hotel Lobby After One Allegedly Made Racist Remark

A woman from Florida is being labelled a ‘hero’ online after taking on another white woman who was allegedly being racist in the lobby of a Florida hotel.

Colleen Dagg ended up physically fighting the lady after she apparently made some disparaging comments about Haitians.

A video that was posted to Twitter then showed the woman confronting Dagg who was sitting in a chair in the lobby of a hotel, and who then began hitting her.

Dagg said that before the video recording began, the teal-dressed woman since identified as Summer Cortts, 39, was goading Dagg with racist remarks about a black Haitian security guard.

She was told to shut up.

Dagg then took off her shoes in the building’s lobby while Cortts taunted her.

‘Why are you taking your shoes off?’ the woman asks. ‘You gonna hit me with one of your shoes? I’m gonna f***** shoot you in your f****** face.’

A security guard is then heard telling both women to leave.

‘I’m taking my shoes off so that if she puts her hands on me, I can defend myself,’ Dagg responds.

Cortts then got in Dagg’s face and shoved her.

At this point, Dagg lost her temper. ‘You put your f****** hands on me?!’ she exclaimed, and began pummeling the woman until hotel staff, and eventually cops, intervened.

The person who originally shared the video, Austin, explained: ‘Unprovoked violence is bad.

‘But provoked violence, especially as a response to racism, seems to be A-OKAY with the internet.’

The woman who was spewing the racist comments, which was not caught on camera, claimed to be the victim in the video after being assaulted by Dagg, despite provoking the fight.

Eventually, a police officer arrives and tells the teal-dressed lady to ‘calm down and take a seat’ multiple times. The woman denies she hit Dagg first, but Dagg turns to the person filming and confirms that a recording was made.

She exclaimed that she was ‘three months pregnant’ and is insisted that Dagg be charged and sent to jail.

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Source: Daily Mail