Rev. Johnnie Moore Explains Why he Won’t Leave President Trump’s Advisory Council: ‘You Only Make a Difference if You Have a Seat at the Table’

Pastor Johnnie Moore
Pastor Johnnie Moore

by Johnnie Moore

One Sunday night this summer, a particular White House staffer popped in my mind. The week before had been a bit tumultuous and I knew the hours this person was putting in were intense.

The staffer had put a life and livelihood on hold to fulfill a patriotic duty, and it had caused a massive adjustment for the family. This staffer isn’t among the well-known employees in the building. In fact, this person is mainly invisible, working behind the scenes, pouring heart and soul into the work.

I’ve made it a habit to immediately act when someone suddenly pops in my head like this. As a Christian, we sometimes call this a “prompting of the Spirit.”

So, I grabbed my cellphone, and I sent this note of encouragement to the person:

“I know another week begins tomorrow & it must feel like they all run together with all you’re tasked to do. I just wanted you to know that I have prayed for you this Sunday night. I have asked God to give you strength & wisdom, favor with all people, & success in all you put your hand to. I have asked God to make sure you don’t miss the meaning in your mission & that you’d find joy in the daily grind. You are so great & so good at what you do. You have every reason to have all the confidence in the world. It has been a special blessing to get to know you. God Bless you.”

Through my involvement with various members of this administration, and the campaign that preceded it, I’ve had countless such interactions and with so many people. Having been a pastor for a dozen years, I feel it is principally my spiritual responsibility to provide support to these people. I view it as a privilege and a responsibility to pray for them and assist them. Most of those interactions have been with people whose names and stories will never make the news. They just quietly do their work in service to their country. They are spouses and parents, sons and daughters, friends … people like the rest of us.

As a member of the president’s so-called evangelical advisory board, this is my primary responsibility for those who serve in the White House — to be a spiritual counselor.

Similarly, on the morning of the president’s inauguration, I made a promise to the president which I was fortunate to scribble as a simple note in his Bible, just before the morning’s private worship service at St. John’s Church in Washington. I wrote, “Mr. President, not a day will go by when you aren’t covered by thousands of prayers.”

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SOURCE: Religion News Service

The Rev. Johnnie Moore is a member of President Trump’s evangelical advisory council and the board of directors of the National Association of Evangelicals. He has written seven books, including the forthcoming “The Martyr’s Oath” (Tyndale, October 2017). The founder of The Kairos Co., a communications firm, he has taken up the cause of persecuted minorities in Iraq and Syria.