Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Angry at Justin Bieber for Unfollowing Him

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. is reportedly furious with churchgoing singer Justin Bieber, who decided to unfollow Mayweather on Instagram and distance himself from the boxer reportedly over his “obsession” with strip clubs.

According to celebrity news website TMZ, sources close to Bieber have revealed that the pop singer is being counseled by Hillsong Church, and is looking to take a step back from “bad influences.”

“We’re told church pastors did not single out Floyd as a bad influence, but Justin decided on his own he needed some distance. Our sources say Justin didn’t want a clean break from Floyd, he just wanted to ‘reset boundaries’ … walling himself off from things like Floyd’s obsession with strip clubs,” TMZ wrote.

“Justin unfollowed Floyd on Instagram as part of the resetting of boundaries, and our sources say Floyd went ‘insane, nuclear.’ He lashed out at Justin, called him a ‘traitor’ because Floyd had stuck with Justin during his meltdown when everyone was attacking Bieber.”

Bieber and Mayweather were reportedly close friends in the past, with the singer accompanying the undefeated boxing champion to some of his previous fights.

The revelations, which are also being reported on by Yahoo Sports and other sources, come days before Mayweather’s fight with UFC’s Conor McGregor, said to be the richest in boxing history.

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Source: Christian Post