WATCH: Erica Campbell Asks Christian Music Lovers To Help Get her New Single, “Well Done”, To One Million Streams on Spotify and Apple Music

On August 17th, Erica Campbell posted the following message to Facebook, urging her fans to help get her new single, “Well Done” to a million streams on Sotify and Apple Music:

Hey, Everyone! My New Single “Well Done” is live on
Spotify ( which is free!) 
and Apple Music 
and I need your help to show these platforms the power of kingdom music lovers by helping me get to 1 million streams on these platforms. Go to either platform you use and stream my song then come back to this post and type #welldonemillion in the comments for the chance to get a video thank you from me or even be invited for a live video chat with Warryn and me. So Share this with your friends and go stream my new single so we can get to #welldonemillion together