Notre Dame Holds Mass for Victims of Terror Attacks

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has held a Mass dedicated to the victims of the suspected Islamic extremist attacks around Barcelona.

The service also honored victims of other attacks and natural disasters around the world this summer.

The archbhishop of Paris, Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, said in announcing Sunday’s gesture: “Unfortunately I know how much these murders can traumatize the whole population and that the presence of the church can help everyone to face this ordeal.”

Paris has been the target of repeated deadly attacks in recent years. At Notre Dame itself, an Algerian doctoral student tried to attack police with a hammer in June. There was an aborted attack last year near the cathedral by a suspected female extremist.

Thirty French citizens were among the 120 injured in the attacks in Barcelona and in nearby Cambrils that killed 14 people.

Source: Associated Press