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August 20, 2017

LISTEN: Caring for the Dying, Part 8 (Preparing for the Inevitable #37 with Daniel Whyte III) This podcast will help you get ready to face the inevitable unpleasant things that will happen in your life -- things like trouble, suffering, sickness, and death -- the death of people you love and your own death. Trouble,... Continue Reading →


Receiver Anquan Boldin Retires 2 Weeks After Signing With Buffalo Bills

Receiver Anquan Boldin is abruptly giving up on football to pursue his humanitarian and charitable work just under two weeks after signing with the Buffalo Bills. Boldin released a statement on Sunday night shortly after informing the Bills of his... Continue Reading →

US & South Korean Troops Begin Annual Drills

U.S. and South Korean troops kicked off their annual drills Monday that come after President Donald Trump and North Korea exchanged warlike rhetoric in the wake of the North's two intercontinental ballistic missile tests last month. The Ulchi Freedom Guardian... Continue Reading →

Robotic Workers Most Prevalent Among Japanese Companies

Thousands upon thousands of cans are filled with beer, capped and washed, wrapped into six-packs, and boxed at dizzying speeds - 1,500 a minute, to be exact - on humming conveyor belts that zip and wind in a sprawling factory... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Connecting Increases Your Influence in Every Situation, Part 1 (Leadership That Gets the Job Done #13 with Daniel Whyte III) Ultimately, if the job is not done, goals are not reached, and the team does not win, then the leader is not doing his job well, because, as Dr. Lee Robinson or John Maxwell said, "Everything rises and falls... Continue Reading →

Darrell B. Harrison on ‘Is the Gospel No Longer Enough for Black Christians?’

Located on one of the most historic streets in the United States, particularly for black Americans, Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta, stands the venerable Big Bethel AME Church. "Big Bethel," as it is affectionately and reverently known, was founded in... Continue Reading →

Technology Companies Banning Hate Groups

Tech companies' efforts to banish extremist groups and individuals are continuing as a social network popular with extremists disappeared from Google's Android app store. Gab had already been unavailable in Apple's store, though it remains accessible on the web. The... Continue Reading →

Pastor Greg Laurie Condemns White Supremacy at SoCal Harvest; Says America Needs a ‘Spiritual Awakening’ After Charlottesville

Pastor Greg Laurie is decrying the racial turmoil and violence that manifested in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend, urging Christians to reject every kind of prejudice and hate they see in the world. Before a crowd of approximately 26,000 people at... Continue Reading →

Grace Mugabe Granted Diplomatic Immunity, Returns to Zimbabwe

Granted diplomatic immunity by South Africa, the wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe returned home from Johannesburg on Sunday despite calls that she be prosecuted for allegedly assaulting a young model at a luxury hotel there. Zimbabwean state broadcaster ZBC... Continue Reading →

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