Minneapolis Streets Littered with Fake Signs that Suggest Police Are ‘Easily Startled’

An unusual sign or two have popped up in Minneapolis this weekend, taking a backhand swipe at the city’s police force in the wake of the Justine Damond shooting.

The signs, which read “Warning: Twin Cities Police easily startled”, appeared at least twice on posts in Minneapolis and St. Paul over the weekend, with city crews removing them quickly after. KARE 11 caught up with one worker taking a sign down in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood overnight. Another was spotted and then removed near the intersection of University and Snelling in St. Paul.

The message appears to be a direct reference to the BCA interview with the police partner of Officer Mohamed Noor, who told investigators that the two were “startled” by a loud noise before Noor shot Damond through the window of their squad car, killing her.

Whoever is behind the signs spared no expense: They are made of metal, are painted professionally and were mounted on street poles using heavy duty screws, just as official signs are. At this point there is no information on who may be behind the campaign.

Source: WHAS 11