WATCH: Judge Judy Has the Wisdom of Solomon: Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in Her Courtroom So He Can Choose His Real Owner

A clip from the Judge Judy show features two parties who claim to own the same dog named Baby Boy.

Judge Judy decides that the best way to determine the real owner is to bring the white poodle into the courtroom and let him loose so that he can choose his companion.

The defendant is a woman who says she bought the dog off of the street.

The plaintiff argues that the dog actually belonged to him.

The defendant tries to argue that the dog doesn’t belong to the other man because a vet told her that the dog is a different age than the man says.

When the dog is brought into the courtroom Judge Judy says: ‘Madame, listen to me carefully: Put the dog down! Put the dog down’.

When the dog is placed on the floor he immediately sprints over to the plaintiff.

The defendant tries to justify it by saying that the dog ‘does that with everyone’ but the judge rules that Baby Boy has picked his parent.

The episode aired in 2012 but the clip has recently resurfaced online.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Megan Sheets