Black Residents in Crown Heights Rip White Restaurant Owner for Stereotype Marketing

Dozens of protesters turned out in Brooklyn on Saturday to slam the decor of their neighborhood’s newest restaurant.

The owner of Summerhill, who promoted her Crown Heights business by hyping bogus “bullet holes” in the walls and a sketchy past as an illegal gun outlet, was inundated with demonstrators eager to defend their neighborhood.

“That’s not what the neighborhood needs,” said lifelong Crown Heights resident Ayanna Prescott, 30. “The neighborhood needs child care. It needs schools.

“And a ‘boozy sandwich shop’ with fake bullet holes is totally disconnected.”

The crowd of about 100 people choked the sidewalk outside the restaurant and chanted “Bye bye, Becky!” at owner Becca Brenna — who did not appear, but issued her second apology of the week.

“I deeply apologize for any offense that my recent comments might have caused,” read a statement from Brennan. “I did not intend to be insensitive to anyone in the neighborhood, and I am sorry that my words caused pain.

“I made light of serious issues and that was wrong.”

Brennan, a former attorney and native of Canada, described her use of “bullet hole” wall for marketing as “cheeky,” and also announced plans to serve a 40-ounce bottle of wine in paper bags. She has since admitted the holes weren’t from bullets.

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Source: New York Daily News / DALE W. EISINGER, LARRY MCSHANE