Coorganizer of Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally Says Trump Let a Jew Steal His Daughter, Hates Seeing Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Together, More People Will Die

A white supremacist Charlottesville rally co-organizer says he is disgusted that the president ‘let a Jew steal his daughter’.

Christopher Cantwell, a spokesman for Unite the Right, says he is hoping for a leader ‘a lot more racist’ and ‘capable’ of violence than President Trump to help the movement spread their racist ideals.

‘Somebody like Donald Trump, who does not give his daughter to a Jew,’ he said, in a documentary on last weekend’s deadly march in Virginia.

‘I don’t think you could feel the way I do about race, and watch that Kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl.’

The Unite the Right speaker was discussing his belief that white people were less inclined to ‘get in trouble’ than people of color. When reminded about multiple atrocities carried out by white suspects, including the Oklahoma City bombing, he conceded that everyone is capable of violence.

‘Of course we’re capable,’ added Cantwell who was heavily armed with multiple handguns, assault rifles and a knife at the rally. ‘I’m carrying a pistol, I go to the gym all the time.

‘I’m trying to make myself more capable of violence. I’m here to spread ideas, talk, in the hopes that somebody more capable will come along and do that.’

It was not clear whether Cantwell was referring to his hopes for a more capable leader, or a leader more capable of violence.

The Vice documentary then moved on to filming Cantwell, of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, at the rally itself moments after he was maced ‘by communists.’

‘We’re here obeying the law, were doing everything were supposed to do trying to express opinions and the criminals are over there getting their way,’ the Unite the Right spokesman said, pouring milk over his face.

‘That’s a foundational problem in our society and whatever you think of my opinion, that is something that is going to put you in danger,’ added a clearly furious Cantwell, who claimed it was the second time he’d been maced in two days.

An associate of the co-organizer blamed it on the city being run by ‘Jewish communists’ and ‘n****rs.’

When asked by the Vice reporter, if that meant the white nationalist movement was presenting itself as the only non-violent activist group, Cantwell openly admitted they would use violence or would even kill the opposition if necessary.

‘I’m not even saying we’re not violent, I’m saying f***ing we did not aggress, we did not initiate force against anybody.

‘We’re not non-violent. We’ll f***ing kill these people if we have to.’

A writer for neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, which has recently lost its domain registration after a highly offensive, click-bait article about rally victim Heather Heyer, told Vice the rally represented the rapidly growing white supremacist movement.

‘We’re starting to slowly unveil a little bit of our power level,’ said neo-Nazi Robert ‘Azzmador’ Ray. ‘We’re stepping off the internet in a big way.

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’

Saturday’s violent rally culminated in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer after white nationalist James Fields Jr, of Maumee, Ohio, plowed his vehicle into the crowd, killing her and injuring 19 others.

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Source: Daily Mail