17-Year-Old Charged After Holocaust Memorial in Boston is Vandalized

Workers clean up broken glass at the New England Holocaust Memorial.

A 17-year-old has been charged with willful and malicious destruction of property for allegedly vandalizing the Holocaust Memorial in Boston Monday, according to the Boston Police Department.

Photos from the memorial showed shattered glass lying on the ground at the site, which is made up of six glass towers.

When police arrived, they found the teen being detained by two bystanders. Witnesses told police they saw him throwing “what appeared to be a rock at the Memorial which shattered a glass panel,” a police press release said.

Each tower consists of 22 panels of glass, according to the New England Holocaust Memorial. Visitors often leave stones at the site – “reflecting the ages-old Jewish custom of marking a graveside visit,” according to the group. It’s not clear if one of those stones was used to vandalize the memorial.

The Boston Police Department’s Civil Rights Unit is also investigating the incident to determine if additional charges are pending.

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SOURCE: CNN, Emily Smith