WATCH: Pastor H.B. Charles Jr. Interviews California Pastor Paul Felix

I have known Paul Felix for some years now. We were both born and raised in Los Angeles. We are both the sons of pastors. In fact, our fathers knew one another, as they served in the same city.

Years later, in God’s providence, our paths would cross, and I am grateful for the Paul’s Felix’s consistent example and great encouragement.

For the past two years, Paul Felix has served as the pastor of Fairview Heights Baptist Church in Inglewood California. His congregation meets not far from where my family lived before we moved to Jacksonville.

Paul Felix currently serves as the President of the Los Angeles Bible Training School (LABTS). It is a school started with the assistance of J. Vernon McGee. Under Felix’s leadership, LABTS continues to be a faithful and fruitful training center in the heart of the black community.

For fifteen years, Felix taught in the New Testament department at The Master’s Seminary, where John MacArthur is the President.

Paul and his wife Marlene are the proud parents of their son, Wes, and their daughter (Olympic gold-medal runner) Allyson Felix.

Enjoy this interview with Paul Felix, as we discuss his life, faith, and ministry!

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