Former Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros says Network Paid ‘Astronomical’ Sum to Snoop on her


A lawyer for ex-Fox News host Andrea Tantaros alleged Friday that Fox News paid a tech investor to launch cyberattacks on Tantaros, and couched that salary inside an on-air contributor deal. According to new documents filed by lawyer Judd Burstein, Fox News paid contributor Pete Snyder $11,489 per on-air appearance—a sum significantly higher than some of Fox’s best-known regulars. “Those sums would be astronomical standing alone,” Burstein wrote. “However, perspective is gained by comparing them with the fees reportedly paid to Bo Dietl, another on-air contributor for Fox News, and one who is far better known than Mr. Snyder.” Burstein added that the suspiciously large salary “gives rise to a fair inference that the Snyder Defendants were compensated for their cyber-attacks on behalf of Fox News through padded paychecks ostensibly for Snyder’s limited on-air contributions.” In April, Tantaros sued Fox News, alleging the network illegally spied on her and used the information to intimidate and “emotionally torture” her.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast