12-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Pouring Boiling Water on 11-Year-Old During Sleepover

Jamoneisha Merritt

A 12-year-old girl was arrested after police say she dumped boiling water on an 11-year-old girl, leaving her severely burned, at a sleepover in the Bronx earlier this week, police said.

Jamoneisha Merritt was at a sleepover at her friend’s house near Findlay Avenue and East 166th Street early Monday morning when one of her classmates got boiling water and poured it in a cup, according to police.

Jamoneisha’s cousin, Yolanda Richardson, said Jamoneisha and the 12-year-old had been arguing.

“Her and her friend got into an argument and she told her if she goes to sleep they were going to do something to her,” Yolanda said.


Jamoneisha was sleeping when the 12-year-old girl, who has not been identified, poured the cup of scalding water on her, according to police.

She was jolted awake by the scorching water, which burned much of her upper body, including her face, back, shoulders, neck and chest, police said.

“She said she was screaming that it was burning,” Yolanda said.

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SOURCE: NBC New York, Ray Villeda