Tennessee’s Brentwood Christian Academy Sued, Accused of Covering Up Rape

A Christian academy in Brentwood is being accused of a big cover-up.

A lawsuit claims a 12-year-old boy was being raped by older boys at Brentwood Academy. It also claims school officials knew about it and did nothing. It happened in 2015.

The mother of the alleged victim said she went to counselors, teachers and the headmaster, but they all downplayed the incidents.

The victim told his mother genitals were put in his mouth and behind.

The lawsuit also says one of the older boys bragged about penetrating him with a sports drink bottle.

According to the lawsuit, when the victim’s mother reported it to Headmaster Curt Masters, he said the boy should “turn the other cheek and “everything in God’s Kingdom happens for a reason.”

“It’s deceitful, it’s underhanded, it’s manipulative, it’s hypocrisy. I don’t know how this school has stayed open as long as it has,” said Michelle Nowell, a former Brentwood Academy parent.

Nowell said she heard about the allegations when they first surfaced two years ago, and felt the school was trying to sweep it under the rug.

“You are paying for your child to attend a Christian school to learn values, and everybody there is learning to lie, cheat and cover up for it. If it is benefiting the school that is what they are teaching them to do,” Nowell said.

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