Republican Governor of Illinois Signs Legislation Designating August 4th ‘Barack Obama Day’

An Illinois-based pro-family activist says he’s appalled that the state’s Republican governor signed legislation designating “Barack Obama Day.”

Gov. Bruce Rauner made it official, signing Senate Bill 55 which means beginning in 2018 Illinois will recognize August 4 as “Barack Obama Day.”

Rauner says it won’t be a formal state holiday with paid time off but it will be a day of acknowledgment and celebration.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth says Rauner is the perfect example of a “Rhino Republican.”

“A Republican governor heaping praise on the most immoral promoting president in American history, Barack Obama,” LaBarbera complains, “who ushered in homosexual so-called marriage, who mocked the authority of the Bible, who promoted abortion, who loves Planned Parenthood. With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?”

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SOURCE: One News Now – Chad Groening