Jury Finds Former FBI Agent and his Daughter Guilty of Murdering Husband by Crushing his Skull

Molly Corbett and Thomas Martens
Molly Corbett and Thomas Martens

Thomas Martens had told the 911 operator he thought he had killed his son-in-law, and when authorities arrived at the brick house on a golf course in Lexington, N.C., there was little argument.

Jason Corbett was naked on the floor of his bedroom. His head had been bashed in. A 28-inch Louisville Slugger baseball bat and a concrete brick were found near the body, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Martens — who spent 31 years as an FBI agent before a career at the Department of Energy in his home state of Tennessee — freely admitted he had attacked Corbett on August 2, 2015.

He told authorities he had stumbled upon the couple fighting during a visit. Jason Corbett was choking Molly Corbett, he claimed. The attack was a rescue. She backed up her father’s story.

But that tale eventually unraveled. Both Molly Corbett and Martens were indicted on a charge of second-degree murder. Davidson County prosecutors said the father and daughter violently attacked Jason Corbett, and then created a cover story.

This week, a jury agreed and found them guilty.

And yet, the court case’s conclusion still fails to answer many of the questions about what happened.

Molly Corbett was Jason Corbett’s second wife. His first wife died in 2006 after a freak asthma attack, according to the Times. At the time, the Irishman was living in Limerick, Ireland, and was left alone to raise two small children: Jack, then 2 years old, and Sarah, only 12 weeks old.

Eventually, he posted an online ad for a full-time nanny. A response came from Molly Martens, a young woman from Knoxville, Tenn. She was reportedly a former model and competitive swimmer. Molly moved in with the family in Ireland in 2008.

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SOURCE: Kyle Swenson 
The Washington Post