First Black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Responds to Claims She Settled By Choosing Bryan Abasolo Over Peter Kraus

Setting the record straight. Rachel Lindsay responded to claims that she settled with fiancé Bryan Abasolo during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday, August 8.

The Dallas-based lawyer, 32, spoke up after cohost Ryan Seacrest read a letter sent in by a fan. “Rachel was clearly in love with Peter,” the note read. “Bryan was runner up. She chose him because he was willing to give her a ring…she should have chosen true love over a ring.”

Lindsay didn’t mince words. “It’s so funny to me, I’ve never been one to settle or to be desperate for anything…that’s why I was 32 and still single. So like, when people say things like that, like Bryan was runner up, I’m like ‘no,’ I think you can clearly see that I have a lot of love for Bryan,” she said. “I never would have just chosen a ring.”

During the emotional Bachelorette finale, Lindsay said goodbye to runner-up Peter Kraus in a heartbreaking breakup scene. “I am in love with you. But I don’t feel that I am ready to ask you to marry me, tomorrow. I don’t want to stop being with you,” Kraus said at the time. Lindsay replied: “I want you to do it because you want to do it.”

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SOURCE: US Weekly – Stephanie Webber