Read Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Birthday Message To Former President Barack Obama

On August 4th, the following message wishing former president Barack Obama a ‘Happy Birthday!’ was posted on Facebook via T.D. Jakes Ministries:

To our former President, who served this nation with dignity and honor. It is my prayer that God would honor you with long life and His hand continually guiding your life!

Regardless of anyone’s political views, we should all be thankful that with tenacity you shattered the glass ceiling that revolutionized history and gave black and brown children the model to dream what had once seemed impossible! Enjoy the shade that comes from being out of the glare and grit! It must be amazing to have served your time and refresh yourself out of the glaring heat of the bright and often toxic light of the presidency! It’s a job we all respect but to which, few have the temperament, diplomacy and intelligence to aspire! Happy Birthday to our former Commander and Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama – Barack Obama #HappyBirthday

SOURCE: T.D. Jakes Ministries