Chloe Ayling, UK Model Abducted in Italy for Dark Web Auction, Reveals Her Ordeal

A British model who was allegedly kidnapped and detained for six days in Italy while her captors attempted to sell her in an online auction says she feared for her life after returning to her London home.

Chloe Ayling, a 20-year-old mother of one, said she was attacked by two men after arriving in Milan in mid-July to take part in a photo shoot arranged by her agent.

Ayling was drugged and placed in a bag before being transported to a cabin in a remote town in the Italian Alps, she told authorities.

“A person wearing black gloves came up from behind and put one hand on my neck and the other on my mouth, while a second person, wearing a black balaclava, injected me in my right arm,” she said in a statement to police, which was published by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“I think I lost consciousness. When I woke up I was wearing a pink bodysuit and the socks I’m in now.

“I realized I was in the boot of a car, with my wrists and ankles tied and my mouth taped. I was inside a bag, with only a small hole that allowed me to breathe.”

“I’ve been through a terrifying experience. I feared for my life, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour,” Ayling reportedly told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. “I am incredibly grateful to the Italian and UK authorities for all they have done to secure my safe release.”

Lukasz Herba, a 30-year-old Polish national who resides in the United Kingdom, was arrested on kidnapping charges after dropping Ayling off outside the British consulate building in Milan on July 17, police said.

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SOURCE: CNN, James Masters