On Vacation, President Trump Offers Thoughts On Sessions, North Korea… and Says it’s ‘Not a Vacation’

President Trump walks to Marine One Friday after leaving the White House. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
President Trump walks to Marine One Friday after leaving the White House. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

President Trump might be on a “working vacation,” but he made it clear on Saturday night that he’s not taking a break from Twitter.

A flurry of tweets and retweets on varied topics included one disputing the notion that he is actually on vacation at all. Aides have described the president’s planned 17-day stretch at his secluded golf club here as a “working vacation,” suggesting that he won’t be seen much in public but will be talking a good deal to lawmakers and staff.

“Working in Bedminster, N.J., as long planned construction is being done at the White House,” Trump said on Twitter. “This is not a vacation — meetings and calls!”

He was referring to an overhaul of the heating and air-conditioning systems and other renovations in the West Wing.

Other Trump tweets Saturday night offered praise for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Trump only recently referred to as “beleaguered,” and for the United Nations Security Council.

Sessions said Friday that the Justice Department has more than tripled the number of leak investigations compared with the number that were ongoing at the end of the last administration, highlighting the department’s efforts to crack down on unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information, some of which have resulted in negative media stories about Trump.

The announcement seemed designed in part to reassure Trump, who recently criticized Sessions as being “weak” on leak investigations.

“After many years of LEAKS going on in Washington, it is great to see the A.G. taking action! For National Security, the tougher the better!” Trump wrote Saturday night.

Trump also made clear that he was pleased with the unanimous U.N. Security Council vote Saturday to impose new sanctions on North Korea. The sanctions ban exports that supply up to a third of the country’s annual $3 billion in earnings.

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SOURCE: John Wagner
The Washington Post