Georgia Church Cleans Cars, Gives Away Golf Equipment, Provides Air Mattresses to Take Away Excuses for Not Attending Church

A Macon congregation on Sunday accepted no excuses for dodging church.

Radiant Church, which meets at AmStar Cinemas on Zebulon Road, celebrated its 1-year anniversary with Sunday Funday, which tried to address any reason people might have to not come.

Skipping church because you need to wash the car? That was covered. Members of the church youth group were washing cars for attendees during the service.

Is Sunday the day you set aside to go fishing or play golf? The church appealed to that crowd by giving away items that included fishing lures and golf balls. Is Sunday nap day? The church had air mattresses set up for anyone who might want to catch some Zs after attending the service.

“We are just hoping to remove any obstacles for any people to come to church,” said Kim Winters, wife of pastor Drew Winters. “Anything that people normally do on a Sunday, we just kind of removed that excuse so they can be here today.”

Some people like to just relax Sunday, so the church had someone on hand to give a chair massage in front of the theater. To others, Sunday is the day they finally have time to enjoy a full hot breakfast, so the church offered that before the service.

If it’s too hard to get the kids dressed for church, attendees Sunday didn’t have to worry about that. The church had pajama day for the children so they could all just hop out of bed and into the car.

The church describes itself as a non-denominational Christian church.

“You can belong here before you even believe in Jesus because we want to help people find him,” Kim Winters said.

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