Liberty University has announced that it will be expanding the recently launched James C. Dobson Center for Child Development, Marriage, & Family Studies.

The Lynchburg, Virginia-based evangelical school cited an “overwhelming response” from the student body for the Dobson program, which is part of the School of Behavioral Sciences.

Steve Warren, dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences at Liberty, explained in comments emailed to The Christian Post on Thursday that “student demand” was prompting them to “expand the program and the course offerings.”

“The popularity of the Dobson Center reflects the popularity of Dr. Dobson himself and the students’ sense of connection to Dr. Dobson, his ministry, and personal popularity,” said Warren.

“Dr. Dobson is a world-renowned specialist without peer, and with national and global influence. People are connected to him because of the influence he has poured into society and culture.”

Warren also told CP that the Dobson Center will expand its degree offerings, which currently involves only “a basic offering of degree programs at the master’s level and several minors at the undergraduate level.”

“These initial avenues of study are being expanded to make the Dobson Center concentrations available across the entire undergraduate curriculum, and through additional master’s degrees available through the School of Behavioral Sciences,” explained Warren.

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Source: Christian Post