Group of 50 Bikers Escort Bullied Kid to First Day of Middle School

After months and months of being bullied in school, Phil Mick has a reason to smile: a new group of unlikely friends.

More than 50 bikers escorted the 11-year-old to his first day at DeKalb Middle School in Waterloo, Indiana. They wanted to show the world Phil had people in his corner.

His mom, Tammy Mick, said the bike ride was the first time she’d seen him smile in a long time. She said he was bullied at his elementary school for the last two years.

“They were calling him ‘fat,’ cussing at him, hitting him in private areas,” Mick, 38, told CNN. “He told me one day he wanted to end his life.”

But Phil’s new friends were determined to make sure that didn’t happen. They wanted this school year to be different.

The kindhearted kid
About a year ago, Phil’s mom noticed he had bruises all over him.

But he wouldn’t tell her where he got them. He tried to shrug it off.

“He would tell me, ‘Oh, I fell’ or something,” Mick said.

Finally, Phil broke down. Other students had been calling him “poor” and saying he was worthless.

“(But) I told him he can do anything in his life that he wants,” Mick told CNN. “I told him he was kindhearted. He would help anybody in a heartbeat.”

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SOURCE: CNN, Rose Schmidt and Andrea Diaz