Virginia Man Held Woman and Children Captive in Home for Years

A welfare check at a Virginia house took an unexpected turn when a mother and two children escaped through a side door and told officers they had been held captive in the home for years.

Responding to a call to check on the home Saturday, police said Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore, 43, seemed reluctant to let them in. Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Lt. Charles Carey said police were insisting on inspecting the premises when a woman and two children suddenly emerged from a side door — telling officers the three had not been outside in two years.

Police say the woman, 32, is Moore’s girlfriend, and that the 8-year-old and 11-year old children are their kids. The mother told police she and the children were not held in bondage inside the home, but that Moore did not allow them to leave.

Neighbors seem to corroborate the story that the mother and her kids were hidden inside the home for some time, and a police spokesman told the Fredericksburg Freelance-Star that the caller who requested the welfare check was concerned that nobody had seen or heard from any of the family members in a while.

“I have never seen that lady and those kids since they moved into that house and that was before last summer because the grass was really tall,” a neighbor who did not wish to be identified told NBC Washington.

The neighbor added that Moore once told her his girlfriend was handicapped, and that she assumed Moore lived alone.

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Source: NBC News | Amanda Proença Santos