Historic Atlanta Black Church Which Was Torn Down for Construction of Stadium Finds New Home

The Friendship Baptist Church congregation marched to their new building Sunday morning before holding their first service there.

A church torn down for the construction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium has a new home.

The congregation of Friendship Baptist Church celebrated Sunday, starting with a walk from the old site to the new.

Fifty or so people joined the march, beginning at Mitchell Street, where Friendship Baptist stood before it was demolished three years ago.

While singing, the churchgoers walked the few blocks to their new building.

The Rev. Frances Bryant-Lowery said it’s hard to put the feeling of this day into words.

“We’ve been in a holding pattern for so long,” Lowery said. “It’s just so exciting that we’ve gotten to this point.”

The church is the oldest black Baptist congregation in Atlanta and it has strong ties to the nearby black colleges.

At the day’s ceremonies, Kenneth Crooks remembered visiting the church as he got started in the civil rights movement.

“It’s an emotional feeling that I have that relates to my spiritual growth and development and Friendship had a lot to do with that,” he said.

That community bond is why the last few years have been hard, members said.

The Rev. Ralph Phillips recalled the church’s demolition as taking something away from the city.

“Well it was heartbreaking because I’m from Atlanta,” Phillips said. “To see it be replaced for a stadium or sporting event, it was kind of tough.”

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Stephannie Stokes