Chrystal Evans Hurst on Remaining In Christ By Nurturing Your Soul with the Simple Joys of Life

Amid the juggle of daily responsibilities, it can be easy to live on autopilot, simply making it through each day rather than truly enjoying the gift of life. Chrystal Evans Hurst believes that God can work through small, intentional choices to shift our perspective and provide the nurture our souls truly need. “If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that this job of nurturing my soul is an ongoing labor of love—a love for the God who gave me that soul, and my willing effort to join him in his love for the real me,” Hurst explains in her forthcoming book She’s Still There. In this week’s devotions, Hurst reflects on important choices that can revitalize one’s walk with God.

I sat on the back porch, completely exasperated and overwhelmed. The kids had worn me down. The day’s work had worn me out. I was just tired.

I watched the sunset dip below the horizon and I was struck with a sense of hope that, while today hadn’t gone well, tomorrow would be a new day. I remembered that the same God who caused the sun to set would also cause the sun to rise in the morning. My God could be trusted with the details of my days, each and every one.

We tend to exchange the nurture of our souls for the demands of the right now, then wonder why we feel dry, empty, buried, or lost. We neglect simple joys and forget to cultivate our souls through rest, restoration, and worship. If we’re not careful, we will find that we’ve reached the end of our lives or arrived at a goal but have been too focused on the result to have enjoyed the journey.

One of the ways I’ve learned to shift my focus is by making time to nurture my soul—to be still and redirect my thoughts to what is good in my world. I look for simple joys such as a beautiful sunset, the morning dew, or even a peaceful painting. I make space to appreciate the beauty God has placed around me and I allow him to become my focus.

When we focus on our circumstances alone, anxiety builds within us and can steal our joy. But when we change our focus and put our eyes on the Lord, he ministers to our souls and consoles us, filling us with hope and restoring our joy and peace.

SOURCE: Christianity Today – Chrystal Evans Hurst is the author of She’s Still There and the co-author (with Tony Evans) of Kingdom Woman. These devotions are adapted from She’s Still There, out August 8 and available for pre-order now at You can find her at and follow her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram at @ChrystalHurst.