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August 2, 2017

SERIAL NOVEL: “All the Bishop’s Children 2,” by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte — Episode #10 (Chapters 40, 41, & 42) is Now Available

Click here to read the latest episode.


Justice Dept. Denies NYT Report That They Are Moving Against College Affirmative Action

The Justice Department said Wednesday it had no broad plans to investigate whether college and university admission programs discriminate against students based on race, seeking to defray worries that a job posting signaled an effort to reverse course on affirmative... Continue Reading →

Gulf of Mexico Contains Largest Low-Oxygen ‘Dead Zone’ Ever

There's an unwanted record in the Gulf of Mexico: This year's "dead zone ," a largely human-caused phenomenon where there's too little oxygen to support marine life, is the biggest ever measured. The low-oxygen, or hypoxic, zone covers 8,776 square miles (22,720... Continue Reading →

Forecasts Hold Triple-Digit Heat for Pacific Northwest

Forecasts for triple-digit heat have caused a minor panic across the Pacific Northwest, a region famous for cool weather where many people do not have air conditioning to help them endure the rare furnace-like blast. In normally temperate Oregon and... Continue Reading →

2 US Service Members Dead in Suicide Bombing Attack in Afghanistan

A suicide bombing attack on a NATO convoy in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday left two American service members dead, a Pentagon spokesman said, despite repeated refusals by the U.S. military in Afghanistan to say whether there were any deaths in... Continue Reading →

Brazil’s President Survives Congressional Vote on Bribery Charge

Brazil's embattled president survived a key congressional vote that could have suspended him over a bribery charge, mustering enough support Wednesday night to stay in office and avoid being tried by the country's highest court. President Michel Temer needed the... Continue Reading →

The Search for a Missing Virginia Mom, Two Kids Ends with a Horrifying Sight

Courtney Ashe was visiting her uncle's in Loudoun County on Friday night when she FaceTimed with her 5-year-old son, Cameron A. Martin. The boy said he wanted to see her and play with his 9-year-old cousin, Jaylen C. Sills-Russell. The... Continue Reading →

Liberals Fail to Show Any Sensible Argument Against Trump’s Ban on Transgenders in Military

Liberals have spent the last week insisting that Donald Trump's military policy is wrong -- but they certainly haven't come up with any compelling reasons why. While conservatives point to a laundry list of problems from the potential $3.7 billion price tag to "sensitivity"... Continue Reading →

Appeals Court Sends Transgender School Bathroom Case Back to Lower Court

Today the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals canceled oral arguments and sent back the case involving Gavin Grimm, a girl who wants to "identify" as a boy and use restrooms for boys. The case is G.G. v. Gloucester County... Continue Reading →

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