How to Get a $1 Steak Dinner from Omaha Steaks Today

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but Omaha Steaks is handing out so-cheap-it’s-almost-free dinners on Tuesday, Aug. 1. And yes, that includes its famous steaks.

It’s part of the company’s push to promote its new 15-minute Skillet Meals, which launch that day. Each one feeds two to three people, on average, and goes for about $20. However, if you go to your nearest Omaha Steak store on Aug. 1 (you can find your nearest one using this link), you can score a Skillet Meal for only $1. And even though you’re only allowed one per person, Halloween costumes are starting to pop up on store shelves, so coming up with a disguise shouldn’t be too difficult. Just saying.

The scope of the menu is diverse, with options like Italian Chicken Piccata, Asian Pepper Steak, Steak au Poivre, Moroccan Beef, Tempura Orange Chicken, and Indian Chicken Curry.

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SOURCE: Delish
Rayne Ellis