Jamal Bryant Denies Stalking Woman Who Filed Restraining Order Against Him

Pastor Jamal Bryant’s representatives are refuting accusations that he’s been stalking and threatening the life of a New York City woman.

Bryant, the senior pastor of the Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore, Maryland, has been accused of stalking a woman named Jennifer Wright, who got a temporary restraining order issued on June 15.

Wright, 45, is a personal trainer and mother of two who says she met Bryant on social media over three years ago. However, Bryant, 46, insists he has no knowledge of the mother.

The pair appeared back in court when the order expired on July 20. At the most recent court appearance, a judge placed a gag order on the case which prevents Wright and Bryant from speaking about the matter publicly, representatives from both parties told The Christian Post.

In the documents filed in a family court in Bronx, New York, Wright accuses Bryant of wire tapping her phone, sending people to follow her and attempting to assault her. Nicole Kirby, Bryant’s public relations representative, told CP that the megachurch pastor is emphatically denying Wright’s claims.

According to Kirby, Bryant and his team were surprised by the claims since he says he doesn’t know the woman.

“We woke up one morning and saw this information and wondered what was going on,” Kirby said. “This is a case where someone just took it upon themselves and in their dreams is believing that Dr. Bryant has done these things.”

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SOURCE: Christine Thomasos 
Christian Post