Conservative Anglicans Revolt Against Church of England’s ‘Capitulation to Secular Values’

A group of conservative Anglicans have written a letter on the growing divide in the Church of England on LGBT issues, warning of a coming rebellion in the face of what they called the “capitulation to secular values.”

“There are now effectively two expressions of Anglicanism in this country. One has capitulated to secular values, and one continues to hold the faith ‘once delivered to the saints,'” read the letter published in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday.

The Rev. Gavin Ashenden, the former chaplain to the Queen, and 22 other conservative Anglicans signed the letter, which speaks of the prospect of a “declaration of independence” from those in the Church who feel their traditional views on LGBT issues are being marginalized.

“There are times, particularly in the face of social disintegration, when it is the duty of the Church to be counter-cultural,” the letter stated.

Although the Church of England remains officially opposed to gay marriage, its governing body rejected earlier this year a report that said only a man and a woman should be allowed to marry in church, Premier noted.

What is more, it passed a motion earlier in July affirming transgender people to the Church.

Other members of the Anglican Communion, such as the Episcopal Church in the U.S., alongside The Scottish Episcopal Church, have decided to change their definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

A spokesperson for the CofE said in response to the Scottish Church’s decision that it’s teachings on the sanctity of marriage “remains unchanged.”

“However, this is a matter on which there is real and profound disagreement in the Church of England,” the statement added.

The conservative Anglicans declared that voices backing traditional marriage are not going to stand being pushed out, however.

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Source: Christian Post